My Offerings.


Growth & Leadership.

Advising leaders and companies on how to achieve stronger business results through their talent.  Anna’s expertise has helped large corporations, mid-sized companies and small businesses achieve their goals faster and with sustainability in mind.  By working through where they’ve been, where they are and where they want to be, Anna focuses on expansive growth.  Through the release of old habits, leveraging the collective and individual strengths with a company/team and aligning to vision/strategy, business – and the humans that fuel it – are elevated.

Anna is often asked to partner with a team or organization to help achieve stronger business results, to protect or enhance their culture during times the start-up phase, during times of change and growth or to manage a specific change that is occurring. This is a critical to for a company/team to work through what’s happened to get them here, truly knowing who they are as a company and pushing to achieve growth through change. Past successes have included CEO and leadership selection, onboarding and transitions, technology selection and implementation, acquisitions, economic or industry shifts and engagement/performance.



Anna’s executive coaching focuses on individual and group coaching that provides the tools and resources needed, as well as defining and leveraging their leadership voice for impact. Her individual coaching focuses on founders, C-suite and entrepreneurs and their direct reports, while her group coaching works with groups of 3+ leaders to improve their effectiveness, engagement and leadership management throughout the organization.

Anna considers it an honor to walk 1:1 along side leaders, executives and entrepreneurs who have big dreams.  Even with big dreams, big titles and big responsibilities – they are still human.  One by one leaders partner with Anna to restore their own humanity and activate growth and change in their professional and personal lives.

Anna leverages the same approach she uses to help corporations win, as she supports the leader in understanding what’s made them who they are today, their strengths and current opportunities and a plan to find their best next.  A plan that:

  • Leverages the beauty of their unique talents
  • Considers what should be next and doesn’t try to take over the world all at once
  • Equips and allows them to give their very best version of themselves to their life and work

Certified Gallup StrengthsFinder Coach

Anna focuses a strengths-based performance and leadership approach and believes that by knowing and leveraging our strengths we are better leaders, partners, co-works, parents/family and humans. She leverages Gallup’s research, assessment and tools from their amazing work often.

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Workshops & Speaking.

Workshops & Speaking

Through her signature keynotes and workshops designed with the clients’ needs in mind, Anna shares her energy and passion for restoring humanity through grounded knowledge of self, strengths-based working and living and leveraging those for an aligned future. She’s your growth coach, ready to help your leaders and organization thrive.

Topics have included:

  • Leading Through Engagement
  • Finding Your Flow and Sustaining It
  • Leveraging Your Past, Owning Your Present and Designing Your Future
  • Strengths-based Leadership and Living

Clients Past & Present.

A Few Kind Words.

  • I appreciated Anna's candor and thoughtful insight as we worked through company, team and my own individual needs as a leader.  She routinely guided me through complex situations, leveraging my strengths as a leader and working with our company's culture.  Anna has the ability to provide important guidance while at the same time staying focused on our overall business strategy.  I value her perspective and grounded approach and would recommend her wholeheartedly.  

    Executive Financial Services
  • During our time together at Baird, Anna helped me navigate a number of personnel challenges that also led me to realize that I needed to rethink the purpose, structure, and brand of my team.  She also coached me through this process, and our team members’ engagement and team performance improved as a result.  Anna’s offered a structured approach without being dogmatic;  I was always impressed with her ability to drive pragmatic solutions efficiently without ever “giving” the answers.  I am a better leader for having worked with her.

    Chief Operating Officer
  • Anna helped my team navigate through an ambiguous time of transition - her ability to recognize each team member's individual value and their needs was nothing short of a gift.  Anna possesses the skill of anticipating business and team needs, recognizing current trajectory, identifying potential stumbling blocks and recommending creative solutions to stay on track with organizational goals.  Her warm, open, friendly "vibe" leaves space to make quicker progress because of the natural way she fosters trust.  Anna has a way of knowing what needs to be done, and knows how to align the right people at the right time.  She simply just gets it right.

    Business Partner
  • Anna Oakes is an incredible strategic partner. Her ability to leverage talent in order to enable the business is second to none. During the time we worked together, she coached me to be a more impactful leader by empowering my team to drive results. 

    Director of IT
  • As a small business owner with big growth goals, I was pleasantly surprised by Anna's ability to be so invested into the success of my business, my team and my leadership. She truly understood what's at the heart of our business and didn't let that out of her sight whether we were dealing with structure, performance or conflict issues. Her easy-going, partnership style helped my employees open about topics they were afraid to discuss before, while teaching us ways to sustain these new habits. Anna's strongest impact on my leaders was the new habits I formed so that my business is of equal importance to the relationships I have with my employees, learning that I can nurture both with the right structure, processes and talent.

    Small Business Owner
  • It is truly hard to define the immensely positive impact that Anna has had on both my current organization and my personal professional development. Her ability to operate as a servant leader shines as she takes the deepest of dives into complex company opportunities. Anna is a safe pair of hands. She can be trusted to implement best practices and follow through on change management. Asking thoughtful questions to provoke answers that are often not easy to let out is just one of Anna’s specialties. Her calm and collected nature provides organizations and leaders an option to open up to the possibilities of a future state that may not have been in their vision before. She is beyond capable of managing multiple requirements and always keeps her clients end goals at the front of mind. Anna is truly one of a kind and I would jump at the opportunity to work with her at any time!

    Chief Operating Officer