PODCAST Announcement: Build High Performing Teams Podcast

Anna Oakes

Ohhhh, am I stoked for this!  I’m doing something that…

  • I’ve been asked to do by others for years
  • Strongly encouraged to do by my coach
  • Has been in the back of my own head for quite some time. I’m not one to ignore a sign.  (Especially when it’s repeated.  A lot.)

So, here goes nothing…I’m launching a PODCAST!  And there are already 5 EPISODES UP!

What? Build High Performing Teams Podcast

Providing tools and conversations to build and sustain high performance. It’s my goal to provide topics that make a difference in your day-to-day and year-to-year for leaders and their teams.

Why? I want to engage in meaningful conversation and share tools and insights around sustaining high performance as an individual, team or organization.  

A big part of this is restoring humanity into our work and workplaces.  There’s not enough of it and we can change that.

Plus, podcasts have been a rich resource for me and I hope this will be for you too.

When? Weekly  (you’re welcome)

Who? For the passionate who want to advance their leadership and impact in their career and company, from startup to Fortune 500.  

They’ll be plenty of content for executive teams, leaders and the employees themselves.  High performance has to start individually but can only be sustained by the many.

Where? Anywhere you listen to podcasts!  

Want to support the success of the show? There are a few easy things you can do to help the overall success of the show:

  • Subscribe to the podcast on your fave podcast app
  • Leave a review of the podcast on your fave podcast app (or all of ’em!)
  • Download your fave episodes
  • Share the podcast (people respond best when you share a favorite episode and a tidbit on what you enjoyed about the content)
  • Sign up for updates by clicking here

I am grateful that you’re joining me for this new adventure.  I’d love to hear your content ideas, comments and questions.

I’m sending you each peace and progress on your journey,





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Additional episodes

These are the tools and conversations to build and sustain high performance.

Build High Performing Teams Podcast

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