About us.


Meet Anna Oakes


I passed up the C-Suite to partner with more leaders and entrepreneurs to help them accomplish their goals in a sustainable way AND feel fulfilled.

I’ve worked with individuals and small and large companies, gaining leadership experience and learning from the best business people around. I’ve held numerous roles, but there was one constant – what I was asked to do was either something the company had never done before or I approached it in an entirely different way.

My corporate work, volunteer experience and my MBA have given me an amazing foundation to start We Restore Humanity, which focuses on engaging and leveraging humans differently to create whole, clear-thinking and productive leaders, teams and organizations.

My  Why.

I always thought I could change the world and it took me forty years to realize it’s not an unrealistic goal. WE can restore humanity by:

  • Dreaming big
  • Practicing self-care for sustainability and health
  • Working to bring out the best in ourselves and others
  • Aligning our passions and strengths with our highest and best use

If I can help one person, they can get motivated to partner with me to help a team.

If I can help a team, they can spread the word and support other team’s growth in an organization.

If we light the teams on fire, the organization will grow and evolve into something it probably never even knew it was capable of.

And not just in profits, although I’m focused on that too.  But, in embracing the lovely humanness of each of its contributors and seeing them shine as the best versions of themselves.  (If you want to understand how I could possibly be so dreamy, yet see that I can build a plan to get there, you should check out my strengths.)



As I’ve worked with companies and leaders over the years, I’ve taken and taught many of the personality and psycho-metric assessments out there and I’m a big fan in general. I think they give you increased self-awareness, a common language with others and something to go off when you are developing yourself and working with others.

I focus my work now as a Gallup Certified StrengthsFinder Coach. Strengths-based living and working is by far my favorite way to approach performance and development. It’s enhanced my thinking as a human, leader, wife and mother.

Gallup’s thorough and sophisticated research has led to 34 strengths that are, in some capacity, in each of us. My favorite thing about this work is the confidence of self that occurs and the magic that happens when you combine strengths for specific tasks or desired results.

Click on a strength below for a breakdown on how they add value to my clients:


Able to consider the potential routes and outcomes and pick the best one. I see patterns where others see complexity. “What if?” Select. Strike.

  • How I bring value with this strength: This has enabled me to work with a variety of companies and industries, quickly cull through the noise, understand what’s most important for them and help guide them to the ideal outcome.


Fascinated by the future and what could be, I’m able to see a detailed picture of possibilities. With the ability to energize others around this vision, when combined with my Strategic strength this leads to not just a dream of an end state, but a clear plan on how to get there.

  • How I bring value with this strength: I’ve always been drawn to visionaries and powerful storytellers. Through years of learning through growth and failure, I’m better at slowing down and bringing people along, sparking their creativity to ensure they are part of authoring the future.


Taking things from strong to superb is the speciality of this strength. This translates to teams and organizations, but individuals too.

Combined with my Strategic and Futuristic, this strength gets my clients results that are even more impactful as we bring out the best in them.

  • How I bring value with this strength: I’ve been able to keep this strength under control so that perfection in all things is not the goal. On the contrary, this strength helps me discern what’s not worth leveraging and where to put energy for myself and others. Combined with my Strategic and Futuristic, this strength gets my clients results that are even more impactful as they bring out the best for them.


Similar to Maximizer, I’m intrigued by unique qualities that each human holds. I’m able to instinctively observe each person’s style, motivation, how each thinks and how each builds relationships. Able to see the best in each person I know that there is no secret formula for a great team. The key is casting by individual strengths so that everyone can do a lot of what they do well.

  • How I bring value with this strength: When combined with Strategic, Futuristic and Maximizer this strength gets my clients results that are true to who they are as an individual or collective, thus creating more sustainable outcomes.


Comfortable with intimacy, I’m able to develop and sustain deep, trusting relationships with my clients. The deeper it gets, the more I enjoy it. Also able to engage with new people easily, this strength enables me to build an authentic initial connection to give both of us something to go off to determine how our connection may deepen in the future. Fueled by genuine interactions and authenticity, I am able to encourage that from my partners which leaves us both more successful and grounded.

  • How I bring value with this strength: My ability to be fully present with whomever I am with, as long as it’s a bs-free-zone, is strong. It puts my clients and partners at ease and we get to the real work sooner and with more impactful outcomes.


My life has been fueled by passion for connecting ideas and people. When I was younger, I gathered all the neighborhood kids into the basement to “teach school.” As I entered the professional world, I was mentored by amazing leaders who quickly spotted a natural talent at visioning, connecting with individuals and getting results. These talents translated into my top strengths and I have been empowered by learning how to leverage them for confidence, success and growth.

I was raised by hippies and we’re still close.  To be fair, they grew up and out of their bell-bottoms and transcendental meditation, but did keep their views that this world is better when we work hard at being good, help others and connect deeply. These philosophies have fundamentally shaped who I am and my passion for restoring humanity one person at a time.

My circle of strength is far more stable with my husband and partner in all things wonderful, Scott. He’s sickeningly sweet and makes me a better person in every encounter we have. As a percussionist, when I met Scott our love for music brought us together through his numerous bands and amazing talent at bass, guitar and most recently, piano. Both creative, passionate and comfortable with risk, we’ve created many adventures, including three companies and our best work – two amazing children.

Our “Oakes Acorns,” Asher and Juniper, are the light.  At seven, they are deepening into their kindness and intelligence, while honoring their curiosity and excitement for life that we will forever nurture. Asher is funny, sweet, cautious, analytical and a powerful connector with humans. Juniper is vivacious, excitable, a strategic and futuristic thinker and a deep lover of her tribe. It’s fascinating to see what strengths they are developing that are similar to ours and which are uniquely theirs. I’m honored to be on their journey with them.

Passion Projects


Juniper Ash Photography

I learned how to take photos on the exact 35mm camera that my Dad shot pics of me on as I came home from the hospital. Something about the connection to this artistic vehicle and to my Daddy sparked something in me.  My husband, Scott, also has an amazing eye, so it’s been a fun skill and business for us to build together.

Although there have been times where the work has been for friends only, times where we went big and booked a lot of family shoots and weddings in a year, we like it where it is now – a handful of weddings per year and a focus on using our skills to document the beauty of humans to promote their work.  All of the photographs on this site are ours.  We hope you enjoy this personal and intimate touch.


Raising Music Geeks

We’re launching a product for the first time ever and we are so excited!  Modeled after a large bulletin board I made my kids when they were 3, called “Music 101,” where we introduced a new band and their stories every two weeks, the product gives access to curated curriculum on various genres of bands, encourages a love for vinyl and instills a love for music with all the beautiful benefits that brings.


Raw Acorns

Our family project.  Scott and I have a wide-variety of interests and we know you do too.  So, this is our platform to share our passion music, family, food and the world of work.  Great combos right?  If you dig hearing from us (and occasionally our kiddos) on our views of life, please join us here.


Milwaukee Music Movement

We partner with 88.9 to select, develop and launch artists who have a firm understanding of self, their strengths, how to work with others and know how to work hard and smart to achieve their goals.



I’ve been practicing yoga for many years now and it’s my effort to practice daily. It’s helps me be more focused, less reactive and more physically in tune with my body, mind and spirit. In June, I received my certification in Therapeutic Yoga. My main goal was to deepen my own practice, but secondarily I knew it would:

  • Increase my own self-awareness which is the key to true emotional intelligence, deep connections and success
  • Teach me new ways of opening my own thinking and that of others
  • Enrich my ability to connect with leaders 1:1 when I coach them on maximizing their impact and deepening their connections

I am so glad I have made this investment in myself and my connection to others, as it’s already paid off in so many lovely ways.